203 comments on “My best 12 pictures in 2009

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  3. You are the best judge and all those pictures were stunning, I would rate Jeram Toi Waterfall as the first best one.
    Do collect some more in real life , thats more attraction

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! what great pics to share. Love the shots. What kind of camera do you have? I am an amateur photographer and love taking photographs. I love the golden hour pic – have one of those too. Which one made it to Nat Geo?

    Have a great photography year.


  5. these are absolutely gorgeous, congratulations on selling the stunning stairs pix to National Geographic! Say, are you not worried about people illegally downloading your pictures? I always wonder about that for my own pictures and tend to watermark them, but I see you don’t bother to do that. I’m glad to know that it’s not a problem.

    what kind of camera do you use?

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  7. amazing pictures…

    i like everyday life pictures… your candid shot of the girl in store is great… good framing, rule of thirds..

  8. great photos!

    just wondering about copyright issue : can we take photos of people in their shop without their consent (phoot #2)? this is clearly not a public event, so would like to know about how is the norm in malaysia

  9. من یک ایرانی هستم از عکس های شما خیلی خوشم آمد
    I am an Iranian from your photos it was like

  10. I wish to thank all of you for visiting my blog and for leaving all the comments. I am sorry I am unable to reply to each of you however I will try my best to reciprocate the visit.

    May you find my photographic works enjoyable. Please come back for more picture.

    Thanks so much and wish you a happy and prosperous new year!


    • All of your pictures are Awesome !

      A wonderful, cute and hearty collection to celebrate 2010 !!!

      Let us all Enjoy the forth coming Year with your Cool Photos !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. wow, your shots are awesome. I particularly love the hot air balloons flying over putrajaya shot. Definitely going to drop by again =)

  12. Those are the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen! I absolutely feel in love the photo of the TM Tower.

  13. Hey, these pictures are wonderfull! Im a muslim girl and I previously went on a vacation to Palestine. I see the pictures of the mosques you took. If you went to Palestine/Jerusalem you would be in aww! I loved it there, the history is so rich, i think you would love taking pics over there

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  15. wow…those are truly beautiful! I found your site through the main page on wordpress. I think I will continue to drop by. Your photography is fantastic!

  16. I really enjoyed looking at these photos…they are all really beautiful. I especially liked the beautiful pattern…very professional. Keep up the great work.

  17. Great shots! I love no. 4, it’s definitely surreal.
    (i got to your blog from WordPress’ main page, congratulations for being featured there!)

  18. I love #5! They are all beautiful, but if I found #5 in a shop, I would buy it for my wall!
    I love pictures, and I love to know what the photographer was seeing/experiencing during the shot. Thank you for including that with your photo’s!

  19. Terrific shots! The manequins are a rare and unique treat. Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for you, and us.

  20. Great photos! I love all the vibrant color in the headscarves, balloons and markets. But my favorite is the waterfall. The subtle colors are exquisite!

  21. Congratulations, you have taken beautiful images of your city and your people,go on, please.
    Alfredo Meyer

  22. Outstanding! Love your work and I’m glad I found inspiration to go out and improve the skills in your images!

  23. very amazing photos. i like them all very much. in my opinion picture 3 and 4 are the best of all 12. but i like them all.

    i hope you will find nice situation next year. happy 2010

  24. Beautiful Pictures – Well done.
    It seems like you are interested in travel and travel photography.
    You may be interested in our blog. We are a young couple from Ireland travelling around the world and blogging as we go. Please feel free to check it out.

  25. Stunning photos! You’re very talented. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes for a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year.

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  27. Hello,

    These images are so beautiful. This is amazing photography!

    May I ask what camera did you use in these?


  28. Nice images, Zain. I particularly like #2 (woman on phone) for its natural charm; and the street market (#10) for its colour and vibrancy.

  29. an excellent selection of photographs. i particularly like the mannequins one. it sounds corny but i see it as an example of how diverse cultures have become fused and mixed with globalisation, creating new identities that straddle barriers between old divisions.

  30. Wow… All your fotos are amazing and with crisp clear quality, the captions you have added there are enjoyable too. You are creative without boundaries. Good Work and Happy New Year 2010.

  31. i’m glad i stumbled upon your page, i love your pictures! 😀
    my favourite has to be the waterfall, though. it just looks magical somehow.
    i hope you continue to take pictures like these. 🙂

  32. SubhanAllah…I really love your collection! What camera do you have btw? You should post them on flickr.com if you don’t have one that is.

  33. My favorite is the one with the headscarves. You are a great photographer! I own a digital SLR but haven’t really gotten the hang of it. Your genius!

  34. your pictures are gorgeous! I especially liked the first two because they provide such an original and unique perspective into the ordinary lives of people. Keep up the good work!

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  36. Hi. I kind of just stumbled upon your blog through a feature on the, I guess, home page of wordpress. I always like a good picture. These are really good and congrats on getting one into National Geographics.

    I would just like to say number two is my favorite but it also is the one I have a problem with. Go figure. I like the candidness of it but it just seems unbalanced. There is more on the right then the left. I think it would feel more balanced if there was more on the bottom as well. I really do like your pictures. Just thought I might bring that to mind.

  37. These pictures are so vivid and stimulating. You’ve done a really good job in capturing the multitude of colors, patterns, shapes and humanity in its delicacy.

  38. Wow! These pictures have a wonderful focus, and I especially appreciate the artistic elements there are in each shot. Appreciation of all cultures is diminishing in my part of the world, so it’s wonderful to see someone who (actually) gets that beauty comes in all colors and places- not just black and white against a blue sky. Excellent work.

  39. I love some of the pics on your blog. MashAllah Tabarakallah.

    May Allah (Swt) keep you & your fam strong.

    Fe Aman llah bro.

  40. tahniah… hasil yg cukup menarik dalam tahun 2009.
    semoga byk lagi gambar cantik dalam tahun 2010…..

  41. Hi Zain, These are great pictures! I am interested in starting a blog and am looking for some examples. I found your blog site very interesting and well presented! Best wishes to you!

  42. Great pictures. They show real clear life through photographer’s linses. Excellent visual observations and the camera isn’t cheap, that’s for sure!

    Invest in Buffalo-Niagara! Visit and take pictures.

  43. Wonderful pictures and great blog. I love the picture from Putrajaya (in that magic hour) 🙂

    Happy new year from Colombia,

    Best Regards,


    PS. Long life to your photography!

  44. Zain,
    These photos are lovely! I especially enjoy Putrajaya at the magical hour and the hot air balloons. Very nice1

  45. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this slice of your life with the rest of us. Happy 2010, and many more beautiful photographic opportunities to you!

  46. Your TM tower photo looks like one of a fake brontosaurus on my most recent entry. Check it out!

    …and thanks for posting these beautiful photos. I LOVE the tent tops.

  47. These are real classy photos! Thank you for sharing. They really made my first new year morning. Happy New Year 2010.

  48. Asalamu Alaikum

    These are so beautiful masha’Allah tabarakAllah. Malaysia is the top country to visit on my list insha’Allah and your photos cemented my decision to go there!

  49. I am really really impressed by you. Wondering why didn’t I know about you before. Really interesting shots you have Zain. Would really appreciate if you could tell me how you make those “polariod picture” type of look on your photos. Such as white frames on you photos.
    It looks just..so perfect.

  50. Sheesh those are great pics. I’ve never been to Malaysia but have lived in Indonesia for a spell and found it a very photogenic country. Thanks for sharing.

  51. There are all beautiful but my favorite is “2. A lady manning a sundry shop”. There is something cool about having a person in a photo.

  52. Beautiful collection and nicely coordinated. Displays your strong eye for color, depth, composition and patience. Thanks for sharing. No wonder you’re finding success. Keep it coming.

  53. Wow! These pictures are amazing! Could you give me tips on how to take pictures like these? I love photography, but I’m not very good at it.

  54. Found your blog on my way to logging in to my own account — hehe. But I’m glad I did! You take the most incredible photos I’ve ever seen! Hard to pick a favorite but I think the sundry shop is totally cool. She’s all smiles — it’s brilliant!

    I’m sure I’ll be visiting your site again..

    Have a Prosperous 2010!
    Jessica Eleven

  55. wowww!! that’s really awesome!!
    i love the fourth, it’s like an imagination
    good job ^^

    anyway,,, happy new year 2010 ^_____________^

  56. I came across this blog whilst logging onto wordpress and am so glad I took the time to have a look. I think now is the ideal time to gather a collection of your favourite photos and reflect on them. I love the description of each photo and the vibrant colours on the first pic was the main attraction that caused me to click on this post. Great post and spectacular photography.

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