Street shooting series II – Panning shots

Continuing my street shooting series, I took some panning shots at Dataran Merdeka yesterday.  I chose Dataran Merdeka because I would love to have part of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building as the background.  The building is easily recognizable as one of the Kuala Lumpur landmarks although only partly is visible.

Enjoy the pictures below:

Going home

Going home

This is a scene of ordinary people. Many city folks prefer to go to work by motorbike to avoid getting stranded in traffic jam and many of them have their wife as pillion-rider. I believe this couple is going home after work as I shot this after office hour.

Clinging with inextricable love

Clinging with inextricable love

The pillion-rider in this case I assume is the motorcyclist’s girlfriend is clinging to her boyfriend with inextricable love.

Riding alone on an (Honda) EX5

Riding alone on an (Honda) EX5

A KL yellow taxi

A KL yellow taxi

Not only New York has that famous yellow taxi :)

A KL red taxi

A KL red taxi

To learn how to pan correctly to produce interesting panning shots, check out these links:

Happy panning folks :)


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