2 comments on “Heritage Buildings of Penang (Part II)

  1. Dear En Zain,

    I was incidentally discovered your blog while searching for images of heritage building in Penang. I am more interested those buildings which were built during the Victorian era (1837 to 1901). Some of those buildings featured in your blog actually came from this era. I am very impressed with these images. Some even look better than the actual ones. It’ll be wonderful if I could see more of the images of those buildings. Keep up your good work and share more with us of your good products.

    Best regards

    • Thank you Tuan Shaikh Mohamed Noordin for dropping in on my humble photo blog. I love heritage and colonial buildings in Penang. Photographing them is just my small tribute to them unfortunately my stay in Penang was just a brief one so there are still many more to cover. Will go back some day to capture more and will publish them in this blog in future. Being in Penang among those heritage building was like time-travelling to the Victorian era when Penang at that time was already “advanced” compared to KL or even Singapore. However please also take a look at my blog entry on heritage buildings in KL. Although they are relatively new compared to Penang the architecture of heritage buildings in KL was more inspired by Mughal architecture mostly thanks to AC Norman and AB Hubback who were responsible for the Mughal architectural style of those buildings.

      Thanks again for dropping by and for leaving your comment. Do come back again 🙂

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