Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

I am pleased to present a couple of photos of mine for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh.

A fresh start of another day – sunrise in Kuala Besut

A fresh start of another day – sunrise at Batu Burok Beach

Fresh fish at Kuala Besut Market

Fresh vegetables and fruits at Kuala Besut Market

The refreshing waterfall that can make your body feel fresh

Comments and feedback are welcomed.

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  1. I just love that last photo, well done.

  2. Excellent photos. I love the angle you used to capture the waves at sunrise, the colourful market is great and the waterfall, I love the soft water.

  3. I love your take on the theme, “Fresh”. Well done!

  4. Market place, reminds me of the Philippines. This is what I call fresh.

  5. It all looks wonderful, and I would love to stand under that beautiful waterfall :-)

  6. I like the waterfall ! I wouldn’t mind to be there now :-)

  7. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.



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