6 comments on “A.B. Hubback: An Architectural Celebration in Malaya

  1. Not all buildings attributed to A B Hubback were designed by him. For example, the Federal Lunatic Asylum at Tanjung Rambutan was designed by a PWD junior architect but Hubback signed off on it. Likewise, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building which has been attributed to A C Norman was actually designed by a Selangor PWD junior architect named Regent Bidwell who resigned his job in disgust after Norman shamelessly took all the credit! Bidwell joined Swan & Maclaren in Singapore and became their star architect.

    • Thank you Colonial historian for your inputs. While I admit I didnt do any research on the Tg Rambutan Asylum but for the Sultan Abd Samad Bldg, JM Gullick did mention in his article in JMBRAS, CE Spooner did attribute the design of the SAS Bldg to RAJ Bidwell while its detailed drawings were contributed by AB Hubback. AB Hubback also supervised the construction work and made sure the construction followed the design as planned. This was becoz AB Hubback was also a qualified surveyor.

      • Bidwell was bitter about it in his private papers which are unpublished and in the possession of one of his descendants. I am aware of what Gullick wrote. He got his information from Spooner, a fair man who revealed more than what most of his contemporaries would have said.

  2. Saw the exhibition yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed it! Can’t believe this one man was responsible for so many of KL’s heritage buildings.

    And that’s partly how I stumbled upon your page – while reading more about the buildings online. Lovely pictures 🙂

    • Thanks Kennethjlim for dropping by at my blog and for leaving your comment. Yes it is unbelievable when I found out earlier that most of the heritage buildings in KL and even outside KL in Seremban, Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar were designed by the same architect, AB Hubback. This guy had enormous talent and he was gifted.

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